A view of old and new


a bit about the bear

Mallard duck

My Background

Since my first school trip away with my trusty Canon 35mm film camera and the instruction manual,
 I've had a passion for photography. Now even more so after the birth of our first child, I wanted to make sure she has something to remind her of her childhood, those moments that words just can't explain. 

I learnt on a manual camera and still use the lenses from many years ago adding a bit of character to my pictures (most of them are older than me) But there's a twist, they're now attached to a 21st century camera. 

When words aren't enough

Every minute we see a million different things each thing from our own perspective. Pictures help share our stories.

What's your story?

A special moment can be forgotten, in today's digital age we can create more memories than ever before.

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